Guided Outdoor Lead Climbing Days

How do the pro’s climb outdoors? Experience LEAD-Climbing!

What’s it all about?

Hangdog’s Guided Outdoor Lead Climbing Day is the perfect place to begin lead climbing in a fun, safe, and non-intimidating environment. Meeting at Hangdog Climbing Gym, you will join an intimate group and head an hour south in our private bus to some of the best climbing in country alongside the Shoalhaven River. Guided by our professional and experienced staff you will learn and progress at your own pace in a supportive and social environment. So if you’re curious to know what lead climbing is all about, don’t wait for your friend ‘Gung-Ho Greg’ to throw you into his ‘daring deep-end’, let the experts introduce you to the thrill of climbing in its purest form!

    • Learn at your own pace with Staged Progression
    • All Gear Included – Just bring some Lunch & Sunscreen!
    • Safe and Controlled Environment
    • Transport provided from Hangdog to the crag and back
    • Professional Lead Accredited Staff
    • Small Intimate Group
    • The only Lead Climbing Operator south of Sydney


  • Just $249 for everything!


Upcoming Outdoor Dates

Saturday Sept 11th 2022

Saturday Oct 9th 2022

Saturday Nov 6th 2022

Saturday Dec 4th 2022

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FAQ’s / More Information

When is it?

Check the dates above for the next available day.

Where do we climb?

Your guide will choose the best crag for the conditions, but our preferred location is Thompson’s Point along the Shoalhaven River.

What’s the outline of the day?

6:45am – Arrive at Hangdog Climbing Gym
7:00am – Departure from Hangdog Climbing Gym in our private bus
8:00am – Arrival at the crag, fitting of equipment and the walk-in to the climbing area
8:30am – Safety briefing of the activity including demonstrations of required skills
9:30am – You’re lead climbing!
12:00pm – Lunch Break
12:30pm – More lead climbing!
2:00pm – Pack up of equipment and return to the bus
2:30pm – Return trip to Hangdog Climbing Gym
3:30pm – Arrive back at Hangdog Conclusion of the Guided Outdoor Lead Climbing Day

Can I go by myself?

Absolutely you can! There will be other people in the group to take turns climbing and belaying, plus it’s a great opportunity to met other climbers and make climbing friends.

Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age is 12 for our Guided Outdoor Lead Climbing Day. We also recommend all climbers be able to climb grade 20 in the gym to get the most out of the day.

What climbing ability should I have?

Hangdog recommends that you be able to climb grade 20 in the gym to make sure you get the most out of the day.

What do I have to bring?

Just bring yourself, sun protection and some comfy clothes to climb in and will provide all the equipment. Prepare as if you’re going on a day hike; pack water, food, enclosed footwear and any personal items you may require for the day.

Do I need experience?

We do recommend that you have attended one of our Guided Outdoor Top-Rope days or have at least tried outdoor climbing before, but you don’t need to be crushing the hard grades! We will set up a variety of different climbs, but we suggest that you can climb a grade 20 in the gym to get the most out of the day.

Will it be hard?

Lead climbing can be challenging – but that’s half the fun and why our guides are there to help you! You’ll have access to our experienced guides to help you through your introduction to outdoor lead climbing in a supporting environment. We also take it easy and start on short, easy routes until you’re confident to progress from there.

What happens if I fall?

Falling is a necessary part of learning to lead climb and we encourage you to embrace the idea of learning to fall safely with our experienced guides.

How do I book in?

You can book online at the top of the page, over the phone on (02) 42437800 or in person at Hangdog Climbing Gym.

Have a chat to Hangdog staff, send us an email or give us a call if you have any more questions!