Tour de Leah

Hangdog Climbing Gym is proud to support Leah at the World Youth Championships 2019 in Arco, Italy.

Tour de Leah




4:00PM Check In & Registration Open

4:25PM Welcome & Explanation of Event Format

4:30PM Competition Starts for All Ages

5:30PM Mini Event – Milk Crate Challenge

6:00PM Under 12 Competitors Finish

6:00PM Sausage Sizzle Starts (Gold Coin Donation)

6:10PM Under 12 Winners Announced

6:30PM Mini Event – Table Climb Challenge

7:00PM Open A, B & Pumper Competitors Finish

7:05PM Best Dressed Prizes Awarded

7:10PM Open A, B &Winners Announce

7:15pm Luck Draw & Pumper Prizes Awarded


Competition Information


Some of the routes included in the competition will be newly set, others will be existing routes in the gym. All climbs are top-roped. Competitors must provide their own belayer. Climbers must follow all the normal safety procedures and rules of the climbing gym.

“Hangdogging”, working the moves on a route is not allowed. At each fall the climber must return the ground and wait their turn if other climbers wish to use the rope.

Each climb is worth the allocated points on the score sheet. All climbers are scored on their top 8 highest scoring climbs within the time frame.

Participants in the Pumper category complete as many climbs as they can in the time frame with all scores being counted toward their total.

All ages can compete in the Open A, B or Pumper categories.

  • Open A is for climbers who have been climbing for more than a year.
  • Open B is for new climbers in their first year of climbing.
  • Pumper is open to all ages and climbing experience