Party Packages

Best value
min 10 people

Budget Party Package

$19pp up to a maximum of 28

Safety Instruction & Harness Hire

Climbing, Bouldering, Caving (inc. Glow sticks)

2.5Hour Table hire downstairs

Optional Bellisimo Pizza @ $6pp

Best value
min 10 people

Premium Party Package

$29pp up to a maximum of 28

Safety Instruction & Harness Hire

Climbing, Bouldering, Caving (inc. Glow sticks)

Catered by Bellisimo Pizza

Party host just for your group 

Exclusive upstairs mezzanine (2.5Hours) 

We do the set up and clean up 

Just bring your own cake, lolly bags and decorations

Rain, hail or shine Hangdog is open for your next event.



I have some younger guests, will they enjoy it?

Hangdog Climbing is recommended for the ages 4+. In our experience children under four are too frightened by the equipment and the harness being uncomfortable to enjoy climbing.

Does Bellissimo only supply pizza?

Bellissimo provide 3 catering options:

  1.       Sandwiches & Fruit
  2.       Mini Meat Pies & Sausage Rolls.
  3.       Pizzas.
Do you cater for allergies and gluten free children?

Whilst our caterers take precautions when preparing food for the parties, they cannot guarantee an allergen free environment. Gluten free bases and lactose free cheese are available for our pizza party; just let us know when confirming your catering.

Can we book out the whole center?

Yes you can! We offer a private party timeslots outside our trading hours.


Do you provide party invitations?

Yes we do. When you book a party with us we email you a digital copy of our invites. Then you just print out as many as you need if you wish to use them.

Can we bring our own food?

If you’ve booked any of our party packages, which all include 45min table hire, you are welcome to bring as many extras as you like! Food, decorations, drinks, lolly bags, no problem.

Is Caving included?

Yes! Glow sticks and caving entry is included in our party packages.

Do I have to hold the ropes?

You sure do, we recommend one adult to every three kids to assist holding the ropes. We do have a dozen auto belay’s that can be used without an adult at the bottom, however there is often a line up for these climbs.

What is a Party Host?

Your party host is a designated staff member to run your party on the day. They will greet, harness and safety brief you group. Ensure your tables it set up and cleaned afterwards. As well as running games and entertaining your guests. Your party host can help with holding the ropes for your guests but they are only one person meaning one guest climbing at a time. We still recommend encouraging as many adults to stay back and help hold ropes as you can muster.