HangFit and Climbers Yoga

Climbing fitness classes at Hangdog

HangFit is a fitness class designed to condition your body for climbing as well maintain general fitness. Run by P.T and Fitness Instructor Connor Atkins, the classes are a combination of strength, yoga and pilates that will get you strong and agile. You will be working on your antagonist muscle group and strengthening your core which in turn will aid your climbing. Classes are for all levels of fitness.

Hangfit runs at 6.45-7.45pm Every Wednesday.

Climbers Yoga is a Vinyasa style yoga class with assisted alignment and a focus on stretching , conditioning and strengthening your body for climber. It’s run by Keanna Krawiec, a trained yogi who loves climbing. Classes are for all levels of experience and fitness.

Climbers Yoga runs at 7pm Every Tuesday & 6pm Every Thursday

First in, first served. Come in early to reserve your spot!

Free for members* and $15 for a single visit.

Normal prices apply for climbing before/after the class.

*$18 weekly Autopay Members only