Guided Outdoor Top Rope Climbing Days

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Ready to take what you've learned indoors and try it on some real rock?

Hangdog Outdoor Days are the perfect place to confidently learn the ropes and progress to the real thing in a fun & safe environment. Assisted by a qualified instructor at the beautiful Mt Alexandra in Mittagong, you will learn the basics such as belay operation, tying in, and the right safety calls. Most importantly you'll learn a range of climbing techniques and experience real rock climbing on a route to suit your ability!

Upcoming Top Rope Outdoor Dates

July 20th

August 17th

September 14th

October 26th

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FAQ’s / More Information

When is it?

Check the dates above for the next available day.

What do I have to bring?

Just bring yourself, sun protection and some comfy clothes to climb in and will provide the rest!

Do I need experience?

We do recommend that you have at least tried indoor climbing before, but you don’t need to be crushing the hard grades! We will set up a variety of different climbs, but we suggest that you can climb a grade 18 in the gym to get the most out of the day.

Where is it?

We are currently guiding at Mt Alexandra in Mittagong and will provide you with a detailed description to get there closer to the date.

What’s the outline of the day?

08:00 Meet in Mittagong
08:10 Arrival at the crag – Mt Alexandra
08:20 Unload the car and then walk-in to the climbing area
08:30 Gear is issued, safety briefing and outline of the schedule
08:40 Climbing!
12:00 Break for lunch
12:30 More climbing!
14:00 Finish climbing, walk back to cars and depart

Can I go by myself?

Sure you can, there will be other people in the group to take turns climbing and belaying with.

Is there a minimum age?

Minimum age is 12 to belay, any younger climbers will need a dedicated person to hold the ropes for them. We also recommend all climbers be able to do grade 16 in the gym to get the most out of the day. Have a chat to Hangdog staff to see if your child would be suitable to come along.

How do I book in?

Glad you asked, you can book online at the top of the page, over the phone on (02) 42437800 or in
person at Hangdog- 130 Auburn St, Wollongong. Payment is required upfront.

Have a chat to Hangdog staff, send us an email or give us a call if you have any more questions!