Kids Learn To Climb Program

With our Kids Learn to Climb Program, children of all ages can learn to climb like a pro in a fun and safe environment.

Learn the ropes from the Pros!

Give your kids climbing skills for life

Climbing is a great way to improve courage and coordination while getting active. With our Kids Learn to Climb Program, children of all ages can learn to climb like a pro in a fun and safe environment. Lessons focus on climbing technique and skills developed through fun games and activities.


There is no age restriction to climb; it all depends on the individual and their comfort with heights and their ability to get up the wall. We have harnesses to fit even the smallest of children. Participants under 12 years old must have an adult present to hold the ropes for them.


The full program is 10 weeks long, with one session per week. You can choose if you wish to attend classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons, 4:30pm – 6:00pm. See visual timetable here.

If you and your little climber want to just test a class or can’t commit to a full term, you are more than welcome to join us any class on casual basis.


Full Program:
$239, 10 sessions, harness hire, shoe hire and chalk included

Casual Class:
$29, 1 session, harness hire, shoe hire and chalk included

Full Program using an Active Kids Voucher:
$189, 10 sessions, harness hire, shoe hire and chalk included
Got an Active kids voucher? Save $50 per child per program! Read more below.

Active Kids Vouchers

Hangdog is a proud provider of the NSW Active Kids Program - a State Government initiative to help kids be active & healthy. You can save up to $100 in a calendar year per child for our Learn to Climb Program. For more information jump to our Active Kids FAQ's here.

Program Overview

Week What's covered

The Basics

  • Introduction to Strategy
  • Importance of Straight Arms
  • How to Tick a Climb


  • Tips of Toes
  • Pivot Hips
  • Edging & Smearing


  • Type of holds
  • How & when to hold them
  • Over gripping


  • Weight off your arms
  • Flagging
  • Bridging

Advanced Footwork

  • Heel & Toe Hooks
  • Knee Bars & Drop Knees
  • Rock Overs & Flagging


  • Dynamic
  • Static
  • Momentum


  • Mindset
  • Breathing
  • Body Positions


  • Divide the climb into sections
  • Muscle Memory
  • Visualisation


  • Body Weight Exercises
  • 3 Second Hovers
  • Red Light Green Light

Fun Week

  • Pump Fest Competition


Active Kids FAQ's

What is the Active Kids Program?
The Active Kids Voucher Program is a NSW Government initiative to help kids get active.

Who can apply for Vouchers?
Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a vouchers, valued up to $200 (2 x $100 vouchers) per calendar year for each student enrolled in school.

When can the vouchers be used?
The vouchers can be used at any time during the calendar year it was issued, however only one $100 voucher can be used during one transaction (meaning you can’t use both vouchers totaling $200 at once for a single transaction).

This is the case to encourage activity all year round (eg. one in summer, one in winter) or provide them the opportunity to try a different activity.

Where can I apply for a Voucher?
Click here to visit the NSW Active Kids application page.


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