Published:: 9th April 2016

Start Out Smart… Avoid Injuries

You’ve just been bitten by the climbing bug. You’re totally hooked. You climb 5 days a week because you love it so much. You’re getting stronger and stronger, progressing through the grades rapidly and then out of nowhere… your finger/shoulder/forearm/elbow/(insert body part) starts to ache…

“Ahh! I want to keep climbing, what should I do?”

Plain and simple… if its hurts – STOP!

Pain is your body’s way of saying “Hey I’m not a fan of whatever you are doing to me right now, please don’t.”

Go and see someone about it and take time heal. You only get one body, look after it.

How do you prevent this in the future?

  • Warm Up. Your arms, your legs, your core. Don’t rush it either, some days it might take longer than others, be patient.
  • When you start climbing your body gets fitter and stronger but don’t forget about your poor little digits! It takes time to get your fingers used to climbing. They aren’t used to all this hard work, they are complex and delicate and you are putting quiet a bit of pressure on them. Sometimes they can’t keep up with the rest of your body getting stronger. We know you want to try getting on harder things and pushing yourself but it might be time to slow things down a bit. Get comfortable climbing easier things and enjoy the learning process.
  • Learn to climb with an open hand. Try not to crimp everything. Don’t steer away from slopers because they are slippery and hard to hold. Get used to them and embrace them. Your fingers will thank you for it.
  • Don’t forget your other muscles! Balance yourself out. Nobody wants a huge hunched over back with tiny chest muscles. Make sure you incorporate other exercise into your training that work parts of your body that climbing doesn’t.

*We aren’t physios or Doctors; this is just some general advice from climber to climber.

Happy Climbing!